SAP Support|SAP One Support Launchpad and it’s Benefits

SAP Support|SAP One Support Launchpad and it’s Benefits

SAP is dedicated to decreasing the difficulty of its support and service expertise, in keeping with its guiding principle of Run Simple, and is presently designing the new SAP ONE Support launchpad in near collaboration with clients as portion of the SAP ONE Support Programme.

SAP One Support Launchpad is a current globalized access point for SAP clients and partners to support on-site SAP, HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) and Success Factors software.SAP One Support Launchpad is based on Fiori look-and-feel and some customization features alongside the current SAP Support Portal and seeks to create it simpler for support employees to access tools and applications and view performance indicators (KPIs).As the standard tool for support-related tasks, SAP One Support Launchpad is still a work in progress, with SAP continuing to release new features and users providing SAP with a lot of queries and feedback.

Hybrid deployments are becoming the norm for growing numbers of SAP customers, meaning that their support employees must serve on-site and cloud applications.This typically implies that support employees are needed to visit various websites and other locations to access the data and perform the duties they need to undertake.

“We want to harmonize support and entry points with SAP One Support Launchpad,” tells Arno Helmling, SAP’s chief service and support project specialist, who is the project leader for SAP One Support Launchpad.

SAP intends to give an extremely personalized experience as well as a single entry point to aid. “You’re supposed to see precisely what your job needs,” Helmling. “All see the same thing at the moment.”

The support launchpad operates on HANA Cloud Platform using customizable role charts when customers log in and builds on the Fiori user experience of SAP, offering Fiori tiles for supporting applications and assignments that show key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.Developers can create a group of their key KPIs and mark favorite systems and notes, says Helmling.

The search functionality is accessible throughout the launchpad support and adjusts to speed up navigation, he adds, based on your location within the launchpad.Users can search through SAP Notes, Knowledge Based Articles (KBAs), the SAP Community Network (SCN) Forum, systems, installations, users, notifications, and software.

It is included in SAP’s Standard Support, says Helmling, so customers only need an internet browser and a launchpad URL to use it and can also run Launchpad on their mobile device or tablet.

According to Helmling, SAP One Support Launchpad is complementary to the SAP Support Portal and can be accessed through the portal or directly through the own URL of the launchpad.

Why SAP ONE Support launchpad? And it’s Benefits.

SAP One Support Launchpad
SAP One Support Launchpad

In today’s software industry, there are presently two highly discernible developments: First, the amount of hybrid software landscapes (landscapes incorporating a combination of on-premise and cloud products) is growing.These constitute either an initial stage in transforming a company into a fully cloud-based solution landscape or a policy involving enhancing a current on-site product with cloud solutions. Second, mobile device use is increasing demand for simple and elegant apps.Users are becoming more and more at the core of software alternatives and plan to experience the same amount of service whatever machine they use.The SAP ONE Support launchpad is the reaction of SAP to these developments. Third, customers expect an increasingly personalized environment that provides prompt, appropriate data to facilitate product management.

The coming generation of service and support tools concentrate on developing an easy, user friendly environment. What’s more, new advancements like SAP HANA,SAP HANA CLOUD Platform, and SAP Fiori take the advantages of a mobile-friendly environment,real time computing, and quick innovation cycles.

SAP ONE Support launchpad offers:

  • A single key access point to assist with all SAP applications, including cloud alternatives (e.g. SFSF, Ariba, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud) and on premise solutions.
  • Consistent exposure for customers who create and maintain cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Customized list of every user’s behavior, applications and solutions
  • Real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) for insights
  • A user interface (SAP Fiori) simple and intuitive

What’s Coming Next?

SAP One Support Launchpad is still in the beginning days, but SAP is looking forward to Launchpad 2.0.

“We’d like to provide the launchpad with different interests in the future,” says Helmling.”We would like to address the entire region of unknown customers and have a particular taste for new customers who need more hand holding.” SAP will also seek to implement more business roles like project managers and CIOs and to incorporate more of SAP’s cloud acquisitions like Concur and Fieldglass.It is also interesting to guide consumers through resemblance and benchmarking.

It is also interesting to guide consumers through resemblance and benchmarking.”If a user reads a document and it assisted them to solve a problem, then we could proactively provide that notice to another user with the same landscape where the problem has not yet occurred,” says Helmling.