SAP for Chemical industry

SAP is a comprehensive, prepackaged software designed for the chemical industry.Leading chemical industries are purchasing SAP to organize complete enterprises processes such as executing, production, planning, and manufacturing.

SAP for the pharma industry

In a worldwide pharmaceutical industry has important development in the past few years appears as one of the biggest sectors in the health industry.Many pharmaceutical industries are showing interest and installing SAP to improve business process, manufacturing, productions and reaching the market demand easily. Implementing SAP in pharma industries integrates the function of production, manufacturing and maintaining customer relationship

SAP to improve business performance

  • Tracking and managing data for easy compliance reporting
  • Maximize running efficiency and cause a return on investment
  • Flexibility to reach company needs and scalable to reach business growth requirements.
  • Expanding manufacturing level and control over quality and cost

Benefits of SAP

SAP for chemical and pharma industry attributes usage in the database, analytics and operational data enables in companies and increases the performance capabilities.After the SAP many typical servers has been eliminated.It enables the reports faster and the transaction was done instantly. Well versed features available with enhanced user experience, analytics, and data tracking.SAP for chemical and pharma industry proved that it can maximize business performance.

  • 1. Upgrading data change control and user credentials
  • 2. Monitoring business performance
  • 3. Improves the profit and controlling costs
  • 4. Auto indicator queries
  • 5. Improves operation processes
  • 6. Indicator for expiring data and overload

Business challenges

Products cost, reaching customer expectation, maintaining good customer relationships, sustainability concerns, feels complex when introducing new products and reaching requirements are some of the challenges faced by chemical and pharma industries.Due to rising products and budgets companies faces a problem that impacts on growth and revenue. SAP solution for chemical and pharma industry which evolve customer needs gives the tracking data and makes workflow easy in a competitive environment.

  • 1. Detailed design process with relevant data
  • 2. Tracking performance and molds with the latest market condition
  • 3. Easy implementation and accelerating time value and easy data recovery
  • 4. Reducing cost and focus on resources
  • 5. Protects the budget and reaching the business requirements.

Key features

Manufacturing process

High volume manufacturing, Quality control, Product budget, Stock management, Value planning time, Scrap processing


Cost planning, External order, Control over cost, Analytics, Tracking data

Supply chain process

Warehouse process, Responsive supplier, Internal and external shipping, Data management, Network logistic, Transportation process

Budget account

Profit gains, Receivable budgets, Payable budgets, Global budget data, Asset budget

Why dynamo

Dynamo is unique in providing end to end solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical companies to improve profits and business efficiency which results in company growth.For all types of business needs, Dynamo offers solutions for companies who are facing challenges such as monitoring business performance, tracking data, analytics and reports, quality control.We make your business into profits and drives you into a competitor.