SAP Hybris Solutions

SAP Hybris is a piece of software that allows you to create fantastic, powerful websites for e-commerce.

SAP Hybris permits you to sell in both B2B and B2C markets, giving everything from product administration to check out. The intention is to help corporations of all sizes do better enterprise. SAP Hybris is especially useful for substantial organizations for large businesses searching out a Dynamo InfoTech solution. It is your accomplice for selling online, on mobile, in-store and via a contact middle.

The dedicated centre of excellence of dynamo info Tech for SAP Hybris promotes research around the SAP Hybris technology platform. Our customized solutions combine technology, professional services, and top range platforms to reduce operating costs, reach global markets and improve customer experience.

Our proven strategic, architectural and operational solutions centred on core business processes and the Hybris technology framework help our customers to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage and transform market shifts into a business opportunity.

Our Hybris solutions provide whole backend integration into existing SAP and other enterprise business structures, allowing real-time perception into inventories, order status, and different critical merchandise and client records. This tight integration among the commerce platform and other company enterprise structures complements commercial enterprise performance by means of imparting an unmarried view of customers, merchandise, and orders and allows efficient and responsive commercial enterprise management.

Look closer at the 3 pillars of SAP Hybris to see how each of them can help your company:-

  • Hybris Revenue or Billing
  • Hybris Marketing
  • Hybris Commerce

Hybris Revenue or Billing

This arrangement gives Revenue management, highly automated billing and invoicing. You can deliver prices and quotes, order management and subscription experience directly from the cloud using SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud.

SAP Hybris Cloud for revenue covers the following capabilities-

  • Agile Charging
  • Invoicing
  • Versatile Document Management
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Revenue in the cloud
  • Subscription Order Management
  • Responsive Quality Control

Hybris Marketing:-

Sap Hybris marketing solutions solutions assist the company to understand its client decisions in real time and assist them to maintain customer profiles from data collected from various sources. CRM Marketing did not provide data in real time, but SAP Hybris Marketing offers marketers the most cutting- edge solutions for customized marketing experience as per their converting desires.

SAP C4C Marketing Solution offers the following capabilities-

  • Division and Campaign Management
  • Advertising Resource Management
  • Client Attribution
  • Dynamic Customer Profiling
  • Commerce Marketing
  • Loyalty Management
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing Lead Management
  • Customer Attribution
  • Architecture and Technology

Hybris Commerce:-

With SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, companies can meet these expectations and provide their loyalty with great experiences. SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud can assist companies to understand their customers at all points in the business experience so that they can conduct

E-Commerce hybris products include B2B and B2C trade applications such as Product Content Management (PCM), Search and Commerce Management and Order Management. Hybris commerce offers all the features an organization can expect from an application for e-commerce.

The Hybris product portal covers the following capabilities for e-commerce of SAP Hybris Product:-

  • Product Content and CatLog Management
  • Omni-Channel Fulfilment
  • Creating Contextual Experiences
  • B2C Commerce
  • B2B Commerce