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SAP S/4HANA Services

SAP S/4 HANA Services

SAP S/4 HANA Services is the Future generation platform for many businesses. in this digital world, SAP S/4 HANA helps to run business simple and easy. It was built with advanced technology so that it suits for any different stream businesses. It brings all of your data with live information and insights, and continuously integrates your business with the digital world at large.

  • Award-winning user experience
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Next-generation processes
  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment

What is SAP S/4HANA?

Become a best-run business with the real-time enterprise resource planning suite built on our advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA Implementation.

The 6 Key Business Benefits of SAP HANA



Optimum data management


Ownership management



Migrating to SAP S/4HANA gives you a real-time, single source of truth for your business data. Simplified legacy systems and digitized core processes offer efficiency, connect big data and IoT to transactional processes, and drive growth and innovation. With SAP S/4HANA, you are able to make more informed decisions faster.

But getting there can be costly and complicated. That’s how dynamo can help. From an initial assessment to help make your business case, to accelerated deployment based on our industry-specific experience, and AI integration to help you make smarter decisions, IBM puts you in control of your SAP S/4HANA migration.

Key Benefits of SAP S/4HANA

Offer a user experience for the Digital Age

Provide an award-winning user experience across the entire organization, including a context-aware, business-savvy digital assistant.

Automate tasks

Add automation to key functions and signal users when input is required with intelligent functionality and learning capabilities

Run next-generation processes

Unlock new business value with the latest innovations so your employees can make better decisions, faster.


SAP S/4Hana for business finance-which track real-time analysis of investment data and which helps to make a financial process. S/4Hana helps companies to arrange their financial and business data into a single source. SAP S/4HANA set analytics that allows users to perform real-time analytics on live transactional data.


More than Thousands of companies are using S/4Hana. More companies who are using SAP S/4Hana are from the United States. Companies with more than a thousand employees are using it more to analyses the company revenue. It designed with the technique to monitor the market value of different products in a business.


S/4HANA can be deployed based on theory, depending on their individual needs and requirements. Take the right step which is right for your business. Deployment is considered with many factors, whether it may be private or public, cloud or on-premise. Depending upon the related needs each process which is needed is taken. This technology makes all business processes like sales, marketing, consulting and developing in a simple and easy manner.


For many SAP customers, nowadays SAP S/4Hana is a hot topic. Based on scenario there are three transition ways towards SAP S/4Hana. For each path, the process of SAP S/4Hana will help you in developing and planning.


Customers starting with a new installation of SAP S/4Hana. In this instant, the SAP S/4HANA system is installed, and data are migrated from the legacy system. As companies journey is going around digital, cleaning the data is important, but it helps to stop the data cleaning. One can opt this if your goal is to bring your current business investment in custom mode.


SAP Landscape transformation brings value to a business and selective data migration to existing SAP S/4Hana. The SAP landscape transformation scenario currently needs a service or consulting engagement with SAP. Gradually transform to SAP S/4HANA while doing current business processes.


New customers converting to move to SAP S/4Hana by converting new business suite systems. New system conversion looks simple and easy and feels like clean and neat, but can have hidden complications, due to modified legacy environments you’re currently running.


Dynamo makes continuous quality throughout the S/4HANA project.


Discovery Pack was implemented to provide SAP customers with a details Report and insights.


Master data, plan, investment and budgets.


End to end production capabilities, continuous process of planning into S/4Hana user interface and workflows.

Why Dynamo

The migration of a company towards SAP S/4HANA is certain to happen on some level worldwide. Even though the options are easy, making choices and the movement itself will not be. You need to consider this when you determine your SAP strategy. Dynamo SAP S/4HANA makes your company growth higher. Dynamo as an authorized SAP partner offers SAP S/4HANA services to transform how businesses use data to improve their businesses.