A developing business requires the correct technology platform to oversee that development and to establish a basis for further achievement. Medium and small-sized businesses often require the right new software to assist in contour tasks, control their expenses, and increase business function visibility across the organization.SAP ERP implementationSAP implementations are recognized world-wide as the ultimate and most superior solution for all walks of medium and small-sized businesses.

It is a natural first inclination for an already successful or upcoming innovative business to take full advantage of the best available ERP system software package on the market. Not surprisingly, many SAP implementations can quickly fail, not because of the contents of the software, but primarily the result of a poor implementation strategy and execution. Software retailers often showcase a tremendous product, however they soon fall short in providing experienced resources who can carry the responsibilities of complex scenarios towards successful completion in a timely manner, while ensuring an efficient spending plan to fulfill and meet your specific requirements throughout the entire life-cycle of the work being completed.

With rich and vast expertise with Enterprise Level Services, Industry Solutions, and Business Solutions, our SAP services are best suited to address your business and IT challenges. We strive to ensure that our customers feel and experience a long-lasting and clear understanding of how the value of their content, infrastructure, and management system flourishes in working with us.

  • 100% commitment to SAP solutions, services and technologies
  • Dedicated SAP Practices – ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, BI and Net Weaver/Portals
  • Dynamo is an invited expert each year at ASUG, Sapphire and other SAP conferences
  • Dynamo pre-configured Industry and Solution templates
  • SAP Gold All-in-One Solution Provider and Premier Implementation Partner
  • Senior SAP experienced consulting team with both industry and SAP experience
  • State-of-the-art Solution Center with SAP Ramp-up Applications
  • Our consultants work closely with SAP COE and SAP Product Development



SAP ERP is the transformative power going through your business. Effectively integrate ERP systems will comprehend savings nearly same. It acknowledge problems before they become destruction and improve the performance of each method in your organization. They are going to save some time and overheads and empower selections to be created quicker with fewer risks.

As per industry standard Erp (Enterprise resource planning system), a SAP implementation binds your personnel, your processes, and your information in single efficient system. As a result SAP implementation relies upon open standards it'll effortlessly scale as your commercial enterprise develops and as you include more usability. SAP solutions particularly for Medium and small size enterprises– more than half of all SAP deployments – are strong, extensible business applications which can be implemented rapidly at a reasonable price.

At Dynamo, we get it how critical a modern software can be to making a difference a company develop and suit changing needs, and we have created first-class program applications that can accomplish these objectives.

The latest SAP ERP implementation assimilates mobile devices and ranges on the further side of the shop floor to understand provider and client behavior. In addition to the fact that it covers in-house assets, commitments and supply chains cover extra usefulness, supporting coordinated effort and straightforwardness, accommodation and security.

We have a capable and spearheading counselling group who carry into line with your objectives and pursue a perceived guide:


Design the well-suited arrangement and make a comprehensive undertaking plan.


Classify goals, measure hazard and foundation expectations.


Launch a change-control process, a correspondence approach and an IMP.

Final Stage

Certify an entire changeover plan set up from our group to yours.

Dynamo works exhaustively as an ERP SAP partners to associations in a wide variegation of organizations. As a result, we can manufacture a group that perceives your business procedures, difficulties and goals. Regardless of whether you require specialists, customization, upkeep, or each of the three, Dynamo InfoTech has the general population and the procedure to make a viable execution.

Software Deployment Services

We offer agile implementation services, utilizing proven methodologies and schemas to provide end users with the most efficient, cost-effective delivery of applications. For installation, configuration, build server packaging, pre-and post- deployment testing, project governance, fast troubleshooting, and system integration our team utilizes documented best practices.

Deployment Planning Services

We offer deployment designing services for cloud-based, on-site, and hybrid situations, with structured commitments that create the best tools for an in-depth deployment plan. This reduces risks and costs and will be carefully monitored, guaranteeing the whole configuration of the deployment procedure. We have a tendency to endeavor to confirm no system period of time and improved business workflows.

Continuous Deployment

Our software deployment specialists have developed an efficient ceaseless delivery system that emphasizes comprehensive, machine controlled testing earlier any code is integrated or deployed. We set up an organized central code repository with thorough version management and rollback processes to catch code errors and deploy iterations more quickly.

Phased Implementation Solutions

Our developers perform step-by-step implementation services that roll out software system in increments to keep up data integrity. We evaluate the readiness and compatibility of your network for implementation and work with you to develop a phased plan. Our developers will design your network’s infrastructure based on the plan.

Post-Deployment Services

Once a solution has been implemented, stress testing and pre-production integration and application can help ensure that your solution performs as designed. We work on identifying and grouping end users through optimal implementation, monitoring the post-deployment behavior of users to ensure success and generate reports of user metrics directly and indirectly related to ROI.

SAP  Implementation Methodology


Our demonstrated SAP implementation methodology is fuelled by SAP Solution Manager which empowers you to stay connected to the SAP’s support and service infrastructure. We have developed a powerful exclusive methodology called ASAP Implementation roadmap, which precedes a predictable business-procedure and stage centered approach to quicken the SAP Implementation life-cycle. For SAP ERP Implementation, we utilize in-house tools and techniques which gives financially savvy yet centralized across all user groups leading to better return on investment for all of our customers.