SAP Migration services

SAP Migration services

SAP Migration services rotate around important amendments to the hardware, software and physical location of the SAP landscape. These amendments usually result from a hardware replacement upgrade or a change in the hosting environment with an SAP heterogeneous system copy usually. A recent Bloor research report shows that more than 80% of data migration projects run over time and/or over budget, the average cost exceeds 30% and the average time exceeds 41%. Gartner found that 80% of companies underestimate the costs of data acquisition tasks by an average of 50%.

While we are talking about SAP S/4 Hana Migration services, the dynamo is bounded to make sure that post-migration, your SAP system remains a stable product with high availability, security and ample performance for everyday business. Dynamo group has a certified and fully-fledged OS/DB migration consultant, who has gotten the master capability for the execution of the database and OS migrations.

Our Approach for SAP Migration services

Migration Planning and Preparation:

The preparation stage in the migration method is to address all aspects of migration planning in detail. We evaluate all the technical requirements including hardware, operating system, database and SAP software required. We offer you with resource planning, budgeting, project planning, and time frame to ensure that you are successful.

We help you to coordinate with SAP support and contract group to get software and support for the migration project.

Proof of Concept" (PoC) System Migration:

The Poc Migration method incorporates the test migration of the production environment to the target platform and applying all fixes needed to prepare for the migration of the other landscape systems. During this project phase, the key business processes and interfaces are tested to ensure their operability and the functionality works properly. If fixes are required due to changes in the OS/database platform, they are implemented and tested during this project phase.

If there are any other known- SAP components such as Job Scheduling, EDI, Tax software (Vertex / Tax ware / BSI), Output Management, Faxing and Migration Monitoring / Capacity tools, these must be carefully researched and planned during migration. WFT has a profound understanding of SAP bolt systems and their migration together with SAP OS / DB migration.

SAP System Migration

Non-Production System Migration:

After the “proof of concept” test, system has been migrated and the system's technical functionality has been demonstrated, all landscape systems will be migrated. Throughout the process of migrating additional systems, the processes are refined to streamline and guarantee that the production system is cut successfully. Before we continue into the Go- Live phase, we ensure that we provide full documentation on the migration process and receive full customer consent.

SAP final stage Migration

Final Migration and Go-Live:

During this phase, the production database migration and all dynamic data from SAP production systems, interfaces and add-ons are performed. Based on previous migration cycles, all changes and fixes are applied. The functional team checks the system to make sure that it works properly.

During this phase, the production database migration and all dynamic data from SAP production systems, interfaces and add-ons are performed. Based on previous migration cycles, all changes and fixes are applied. The functional team checks the system to make sure that it works properly.

Key Challenges for customers in SAP system migration involve:

  • Migrate data on time and among budget
  • Combine IT and business goals for data migration
  • Address data quality issues throughout the migration
  • Mitigate gaps between possible source data and target data requirements
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources and integrate dissimilar data


The power of real - time computing to instantly leverage their data and information is increasingly known by businesses. S/4HANA SAP application suite enables companies to run all facets of their business in real time, unifying analytics and transactions on a single platform.

But it can be challenging to migrate SAP applications. SAP migration projects involve several critical business functions and are spread across a web of diverse landscapes. All of this presents clear challenges for businesses seeking to manage risk, time and costs.

Improved agility and simplification:

Dynamo’s SAP S/4HANA Accelerated Migration Factory solution lowers the migration time of SAP HANA and gives real business value by four different methods:

  • Evaluation
  • Technical Migration
  • Code Optimization
  • Code Redevelopment


  • Improved agility
  • Improved cost - efficacy
  • Reduced migration time-frame
  • Simplicity streamlined
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Migration tasks ought to be planned carefully. Your data is valuable and it is of utmost importance to mitigate the risk of loss or damage. SAP Data Migration services provide the roadmap and vehicle for one of your biggest assets to arrive safely and smoothly – your data.

SAP Data Migration services is the solution to your data migration project with our team of experts and our proven methodology.

  • Data migration encompasses the formed and proven framework, methodology and tools for holding the process through the phases of migration: analysis, extraction, transformation, cleaning, validation, uploading and reconciliation
  • Data cleaning and de - duplication are carried out to migrate the accurate data and improve the quality for better efficiency.
  • Experience enhanced standardization and precise data access
  • Create a strong infrastructure for information and use best practices to improve data governance
  • Keep up with precise dashboards and reports on the migration process
  • Keep the sap implementation costs on schedule as data quality issues are detected early in the process
  • Significantly improved, enriched and increased data quality may reflect strong user acceptance and business process efficiency