SAP Upgrade Services

Why SAP Upgrade Services :

SAP upgrade (technical or functional upgrade) is required to modernize the SAP system, fulfil market requirements and provide business users with more functionality. In order to meet the ever-changing market demands due to dynamic customer needs, companies need to improve their service, offer innovative solutions and create a new business model. The SAP ERP software improves the business functionality of SAP AG. Therefore, customers can use the new features in the SAP standard to run their business.

Whether you see an upgrade as an opportunity to extract more value from your current SAP investment or as a building block for an entirely new system expansion into different functional areas, our task is to upgrade as fastly and painlessly as possible. Here is why you must select Invention to manage your upgrade:


Our specialists supply best practice methodologies that are quick & efficient.


No one-length-fits-all technique - we tailor your upgrade for your character SAP landscape.


We offer accurate cost, duration, downtime, and effect on different systems.
You will understand the roadmap, architecture and transitional or operational services required.

What to Expect From the SAP Upgrade Process

It was historically difficult and risky to upgrade ERP landscapes such as SAP. Each ERP landscape is an intricate, complex, one of a kind system on a large hardware infrastructure that supports a wide range of users with various needs and roles. Business processes must move from end to end through this system to support your company while minimizing security and compliance risks.

Fortunately, the SAP industry developed this methodology for decades. SAP upgrade best practices govern every aspect of the process, from the overall approach to project management to the finest database migration and testing details. This is supported by strict SAP certification and training practices.

Planning and executing an SAP upgrade is still time-consuming — timeframes range, however, one year is not unusual. It additionally requires time from inner stakeholders. We will need a lot of input to ensure that we understand your needs and design a landscape that can meet them, and there will be training to help your employees harness SAP HANA’s full power.

10 easy ways to make your SAP upgrade successfully:

  • 1. Address business goals
  • 2. Prepare the whole organization
  • 3. Consult with experienced organizations
  • 4. Make a checklist
  • 5. Testing and training prioritization
  • 6. Focus on managing communication-driven change
  • 7. Don't forget the front end
  • 8. Keep the lights on
  • 9. Rehearse
  • 10. Recruiting expert consultants
SAP Upgrade Services

Sap upgrade techniques and tools:

SAP has made a number of incremental upgrades that combine a couple of multiple tasks, take away redundant work, and simplify the HANA migration. For example, older SAP ECC versions require the software of enhancement packs, Net Weaver improvements, or even Unicode conversion to meet the requirements for HANA. Traditionally, every upgrade would require a multi-month assignment, with planned downtime, before the HANA migration could start. Traditionally, each improves would require a multi-month mission, with planned downtime, earlier than the HANA migration should begin.

As an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) program, Solution Manager gives various other useful SAP upgrade tools. For example, SAP Early Watch presents a detailed analysis of system health analysis to identify potential performance bottlenecks earlier than they can intervene with the SAP upgrade system. Extensive project making plans features are an asset from day one, and dependency modelling facilitates your crew capture technical dependencies early on so that they ought not to iron them out in a while.